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A Mobile Mechanic offer a complete car service, on all makes and models of cars and vans, from the comfort of your home , workplace etc.
What do we do?
Some mechanics offer a service, but all they do is filters, plugs and oil. We offer a complete car service, so that your car is safe to drive

We check the following;

✔ Spark Plugs
✔ Air Filter
✔ Oil Filter
✔ Replace oil with only top grade
✔ Brake Fluid checked and topped up
✔ Coolant topped up
✔ Power Steering fluid checked and topped up if needed
✔ Windscreen washer filled up

✔ All bulbs checked. If you need any replaced, we take care of it
✔ Full safety inspection
✔ Brakes checked, front back and handbrake
✔ Brake discs and pads are checked for damage or extensive wear and tear
✔ Brake lining investigated
✔ Shocks inspected
✔ Bushings, ball joints examined

For emergency call-outs use 01 9039321

All work is carried out on site to ensure that you can continue your day as normal. In the event that you need a part replaced, we go away, get the part and come back and fit it.

Car Key Replacement

Car Diagnostics

Modern cars are fitted with computers that monitor all the major functions of your vehicle. These include things like transmission, gearbox, airbags, engine etc. This is called the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Generally when a fault is detected, a light shows on your dashboard. It is best to get this checked as soon as possible to avoid any further problems. We can connect our system up to your car to figure out the problem. All our diagnostics are up to date (2014) meaning we can run diagnostics on any car.

Body Work

Should your car require any body work, we can refer you to companies with the most competitive rates.

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